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       BowelScan by Rotary In Engadine District  



Sorry BowelScan for 2016 was held during 9th May to 10th June 2016 , but if you have concerns  please consult your GP -  it may be an important health issue .


Bowelscan 2017 

At this time Engadine Rotary has not been advised of the dates or any changes to the program or  protocols etc.   

However  it is expected that Engadine Rotary will again be working with the local participating pharmacies listed below for the sale of the Bowelscan kits.

Rotary thanks the participating pharmacies  for their continued support and involvement without whom the program would not work.   

With the ever increasing numbers taking the tests its obvious that the  Engadine community has taken heed - sure to be sure?  

When we receive further information we will  update this page and notify by our Facebook.

What is Bowel Scan

Bowelscan had its genesis with the Rotary Club of Lismore and developed into a Rotary program in 1982. It is now conducted by over 250 Rotary clubs nationally. 
In 1990, a National Committee comprising representatives from Rotary Districts operating Bowelscan programs was established to develop and maintain protocols.

The Bowelscan program is an initiative of the National Bowelscan Committee Incorporated and the Rotary District Committees  and is run by those organisations.

The Australian Rotary Health Fund supports the Bowelscan program and provides recommendations to the National Bowelscan Committee Incorporated however the Australian Rotary Health Fund is not responsible for the day to day operations or for the sale of the kits  

Bowelscan has now expanded across all states and that approximately 200,000 kits were sold last year. The stories of timely 'saves' continue to reach us and give encouragement for us to continue to provide such a worthwhile community health initiative. Since Bowelscan commenced, it is estimated that more than 1,000 people with bowel cancer and 5,000 with polyps have been detected.

Please note that  the Rotary Bowelscan program is separate from the Federal Government Funded program for older Australians 

Bowelscan Kits  

Kits will be available for purchase at local pharmacies engaged by the District / club Committee and will continue to sell at the very reasonable price of $15. This includes the costs of testing and follow up advice to your own GP. Have a check-up at minimal costs to be sure ! Don’t be lured into a sense of false security.

Please note that Rotary continues  undertake Bowelscan as a Community Service Project without financial gain.

For more details about Bowelscan Click tor Bowelscan National website page. 


How does Bowelscan work ?

1.Bowel Scan Test Kits will be available for sale as indicated.

2.Pharmacists will advertise the availability of tests kits and sell the kits to the public.

3.Pharmacists will receive the used sealed kits back from the participants.

4. Rotarians will collect the sealed kits and deliver them to the South Eastern Area Laboratory at Caringbah for testing.

5. The South Eastern Area Laboratory will advise clients of their results and their GP.


Where to pick up the tests Kits in Engadine area

Engadine Rotary will be serving the following pharmacies:

Moods Pharmacy, 1035 Old Princes Highway, Engadine.

Engadine Arcade Pharmacy, 1069 Old Princes Highway, Engadine.

Engadine Priceline Pharmacy, 1018-1024 Old Princes Highway,

Engadine Cincotta Pharmacy, 1097 Old Princes Highway, Engadine,

Loftus Pharmacy, 115 Loftus Road, Loftus.

Yarrawarrah Pharmacy, #9 Windmill Centre, Yarrawarrah.

The West Engadine Pharmacy, 125 Anzac Avenue, Engadine.

Macinate's, 1351 Princes Highway, Heathcote.


Keep a watch out around early May 2017 for the availabilty of the Bowelscan Kits