Rotary completes another successful Carols night ! 
OOO what a night it was! It really was such a night !
Did you attend  - then you will agree. If not, you missed a great presentation of singing, dancing, music  and Carols singing. 
Congratulations to the Our Rotary Carols Committee for their organisation of a great event and assisting Club members . It is also timely that the Carols Program Director Ron Mitchell,  be recognized for his program preparation, organisation of the many participating groups and the smooth running of the program on the Night. Ron has been doing this work almost since the initial Carols in 1988, possibly for some 27 years - A great effort Ron
Following is a collage of photos from the 2019 Carols 
So if you missed the last year's Carols,  It will be on again  in December 2020. Make the effort you won't regret it. 
Finally a very special thanks to our sponsors whose support is greatly valued and appreciated   
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