Posted by Glen Beauchamp on Dec 19, 2017

Engadine Rotary brings you Christmas Tidings & Best wishes

 Engadine Rotary thanks our supporters and followers  for your encouragement and volunteering throughout the last six months. We sincerely hope that you continue into the next six months and beyond with us.
And as the New Year  awakens  you might give some thought and help to the less well off in our community. Yes they are there and you can help them  by donating to  Rotary's fundraising projects .  You can be assured that Rotary will respond to their requests in an appropriate and timely manner as we have done over the years. Note as our members are all Volunteers, Rotary distributes all donated funds without commission or overheads.  

If you enjoy reading news items about our work you might  consider joining us. Visit our website for contact details at  or  look at the other items under the Get involved banner on the home page 

So once again 

     Rotary Club of Engadine