Posted by Glen Beauchamp on Aug 24, 2018
On the 23rd July last, Engadine Rotary started its 46th year of Humanitarian and Community service with its annual Changeover  of Club President and Management Committee.
This year, our incoming  President  John Walters welcomed our special guests District Governor Sue Haywood  and her husband Mike, District Governor Elect Di North and our Assistant Governor Edie Ledet. ,   
Prior to his induction Vice President John gave the following annual report of the club :
           Welcome again District Governor Sue Haywood, guests and fellows.
We are here tonight to celebrate another strong year for the Rotary Club of Engadine and this can only be attributed to the amazing qualities and considerable efforts of our members.
Although I must say I certainly wasn’t expecting to be the one to have the pleasure of highlighting our achievements tonight.
On behalf of the outgoing board I offer my thanks to all the members of the Club for their amazing support this year.
Some of the many hands-on activities we have been involved in over the last 12 months, include ...
• the huge Youth Off The Streets charity bike ride (this time with Mike Tomalaris - SBS)
• the annual Christmas stocking fund-raiser
• the 15th SLIPS (Student Leadership In Primary Schools) program
• the Anti-Graffiti Community Service Program
• the Books Babies and BBQ event in the Royal National Park
• the 23 year of the  Pride of Workmanship Awards
• the 20th year of conducting Loftus TAFE awards
• our support for the Engadine Fair event
and there are many, many more.
This year the club has financially supported a huge number of worthy groups and individuals
• there is Youth off the Streets to the tune of a quarter million dollars – stretching the Club’s full tally well over the $3 million mark. Incredible.
• Rotarians against Malaria – a passion of our outgoing president Les (being $10,000 during the  2017-2018 Rotary year)
• Youth programs that include SLIPS  ( Student Leadership in Primary Schools), Care4Kids, the National Youth Science Forum, the Engineering School, and of course U-Turn the Wheel – totaling many thousands of $s
• International programs through the Rotary Foundation, the Kotoke School program in Tanzania, Australian Rotary Health and so on.
• Special needs groups that include Response for Life Community Aid, Sutherland Shire Cares Support Group, where we joined with two other local clubs, to provide a new car to expand their valuable services, Assistance Dogs, Engadine       District Youth Services, and many more
• other groups like –, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Inner Wheel Core Blood program and The Dunlea Centre in Engadine.
• local schools through the School Mates program, the Film By The Sea festival (which by the way, is now the largest student film festival in Australia, and of course our school awards program.
• and finally, many, many individuals who were in need of assistance due to health issues, accident or circumstance.
As I said, another strong year, with many more ahead I am sure. Thank you all for your efforts.
Finally, over the last 18 months we have said farewell to several members. Some due to retirement, some due to family circumstances and others to workload. As a club we thank them all for their amazing efforts.
Our members are the key to our success. Having said that, I will say a little more about membership later in the night as we need to continue to seek new members who will help this club to remain active and vibrant.
 Induction of Incoming Engadine Rotary President John Walters  by  District Governor Rotary District 9675 Sue Haywood 
Following the induction,  President John assisted by DG Sue, presented a number of annual awards 
 Paul Harris Fellows Awards 
Les, our outgoing president, had organised for two Paul Harris Fellows awards to be presented  for this meeting, remembering that Kevin Stuart already received one at the Cycle Presentation night … Well done again Kevin.
   The 1st  of tonight's Paul Harris Awards goes to one of our tireless workers – Glen Beauchamp.

I believe this may be Glen’s 6th PHF? Glen is truly one of the tireless workers in the club. 
Whether it is around club history, or district matters, Glen is the go-to person.
If I were to try and cover the roles Glen has undertaken in the club, we would be here until midnight.
Glen has led the membership drive over several years. He has contributed countless hours in a very challenging aspect of Club life.  Amongst other tasks, Glen has also taken on the design and maintenance of the Club website.
 If you have a background in technology or social media, then you will understand the scope of this role.
 I haven’t even scratched the surface of Glen’s Club activities, but I am certainly in awe of what he does for the Rotary Club of Engadine.
 Glen, congratulations on another Paul Harris Fellowship
 The 2nd PHF goes to Steve Heathcote

Those of you that have ridden in the YOTS (Youth off the Streets)  charity ride or who have volunteered their services as support crew during the ride, will know what Steve does on the Cycle Ride. More recently, Steve has taken over the role of ride co-ordinator, a critical role in the Charity Ride.
 He does all this and rides in the event himself. This is a truly exception effort.
Steve, please accept this PHF on behalf of a very grateful Club.
 Rotarian of the year: Kevin Stuart
This award, named after late Rotarian Mark Orrock, is presented to a  member who  club members consider has made the greatest contribution to the club each year  
     Honorary Members
This year we are honoring several members with Honorary Membership. These members have provided endless hours to the Club over so many years and have now retired from Rotary . They are  Ron Mitchell ,  Marcel Salmon and  Barry Cross (who is not with us tonight)
      Ron Mitchell (Left ) and Marcel Salmon (Right ) receiving their Honorary membership Certificates from  DG Sue Haywood  
Finally President John presented  the new 2018-2019 Club Management Committee 
From left to right President John Walters , John Gardner- Community Service, Peter Sheehy - Youth , Kevin Stuart - Treasurer , Joy Pogson- Secretary ,
Terry Grainger - International , Fraser Mackay-Sims -Membership , Sam Issa -Vice President , Gary Richards - Club Service. 
In concluding, President John emphasized the need for new members to keep the work of  Engadine Rotary going into the future. 
Editors note .  Membership to Rotary covers a wide range of people (young and old ) and backgrounds both male and female .
To see more about membership to Engadine Rotary  visit our website membership page at  while to see more about our various programs click to