Recently,  Engadine Rotary club members established some raised garden plots for the SYLVANVALE group home at Barden Ridge.
For many years, the Rotary Club of Engadine has provided much needed support to Sylvanvale  and this project continues that association. 
The raised garden plots  have enabled the group home residents to grown their own vegetables and provide a theraputic outlet for them. 
The following  photos shows some of the stages of the project        
                   Setting  up  the Planter Boxes
    Many hands make light work; all supervised by Resident John
Soil is added to the boxes with John one of the Residents assisting 

        First plantings by John, assisted by  Rotarian Greg 
         were tomatoes, zucchinis, parsley and beans 
Another great project completed by caring Rotarians helping the not so fortunate of our community. 
If you care for other people and would like to undertake such Community projects why Join the join the Rotary Club of Engadine  ?
Make that valuable contribution to our community. You would be most welcome and enjoy the camaraderie and social aspects .
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