If you thought that the Covid-19 Virus would have stopped Our activities then think again. Rotary seldom stops.  
On Friday 24th April, the Rotary Club of Engadine presented a mobility scooter to Roger and Rhondda who live on Poulter Ave, Engadine.
Roger's leg issues led to a recent amputation below the knee and Rhondda contracted breast cancer at the same time. After a mastectomy Rhondda is on the mend.
They are certainly a family in need and Mike McGarrity of Connect Church alerted Rotary to Roger's need for a mobility scooter which we were able to provide.

Rotarian Greg Mokeeff arranged and  installed 2 new batteries with Rotarian Gary Richards organizing arrangements for the scooter. Roger is now  able to get out and about with some much needed independence. 
    Greg giving the scooter a final test out                   Rhondda and Roger coming out to see the scooter 
                                                 Rhondda being shown some of the  Scooter's features                 
Roger now in the driver's seat               Rhondda & son Matt delighted that Roger is now mobile  
Roger, Rhondda and son Matt were very appreciative of Rotary's gift to them. 
Garry & Greg suggested that he gets himself a ghetto blaster and tall flag so people know he is coming. 
Engadine Rotary is delighted that we were able to help.  
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