Posted by glen Beauchamp on May 18, 2018
Rotary Club of Engadine 2017 Donations
During the 2017 calendar year Engadine Rotary through its fund raising efforts made numerous donations to
  • Individual causes and Community groups , 
  • Educational and school programs
  • International programs and aid
  • Community awards
Amounting to $42,000
The following pie chart provides a break down on how those funds were distributed over the various recipients.
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Readers will see just how much Rotary supports our local community and educational and schools programs.
Starting with Community Groups we were delighted to provide much needed funds to the following charitable organisations
  • Care4Kids
  • Sylvandale
  • Sutherland Carers  supporting the Carers of Disabled dependents
  • John Paul  Aged Care Nursing home supporting Dementia patients 
  • St John’s  Ambulance
  • Innerwheel  Sutherland for Stem Cell Research
  • Engadine District Youth Services
  • Assistance Dogs 
  • Australian Rotary Health supporting mental health research
  • Limbs4life supporting amputees
  • Herd of Hope – supporting   rural health services associated with organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
  • Annual Christmas Carols supporting local singers , dancing and performing  groups.
 In Educational and Schools programs, we made donations to
  • School mates  assisting schoolchildren where families are having difficulties funding certain School  initiatives
  • Funding for the provision of drones to assist in STEM studies
  • Sponsoring  and assisting a student to the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra
  • Funding the  annual  SLIPS ( School  Leadership in Public Schools ) program  for Local Primary Schools
  • Annual Schools awards to nominated High School students  
  • Books for children in early development years
  • MUNA , Model  United  Nations Assembly  sponsoring an High School Debating Team to a District organised Debating competition
    Funding  for International  programs and Aid was donated for
  • Education of a High school student in Tanzania
  • Shelterboxes used in the provision of shelter for families who have been devastated by the world’s disasters
  • Donations to The Rotary Foundation to support Rotary International’s humanitarian programs and projects such as Polio & Malaria  eradication ,clean water, et al   
Eradicating polio has been  one of the greatest public health achievements in history and ensures that every child – now and for generations to come – will be able to live a polio-free life.  It was during the term of an Australian Rotary International President, Queensland's Clem Renouf in 1979 that Rotary International first took up the international fight to stop polio at his instigation.
Community Awards
For the past 20 years Rotary has provided monetary awards to Students from the School of  Hospitality,  Loftus Campus of TAFE. While  Each year Engadine Rotary conducts our Pride of Workmanship award where typically some 8-10 nominees are awarded Pride of workmanship awards at a special presentation night in November
Readers please note that  Engadine Rotary ,like all Rotary clubs nationwide is a not- for- profit organisation with all members  volunteers and as such all funds raised are distributed without commission nor favour.  Also that the funds raised each year distributed where there is greatest need in keeping with our commitments and Rotary principles. 
Engadine Rotary wishes to thank our community for the support given to our social and humanitarian work which we will continue into the future. If you would like to join us in this journey please visit our website  and contact our Secretary for an introduction .