Posted on Oct 31, 2019

Rotary Completes Another Graffiti Cleanup 

With the aid of  a number of Volunteer Helpers , Engadine Rotarians cleaned up a number of sites of this hideous social blight  in the Engadine CBD last Sunday 27th October.  We thank our Volunteers for their efforts and involvement in this program - much appreciated . 

If the perpetrators  of  this stupid disfigurement, think that they can leave our community gross then they should think again. Rotary has great pride in our community and loves where we live. We will continue cleaning up the mess until the graffitists realise the stupidity of it. Continued disfigurement usually comes from a community in decline. So let's not let this happen .     

A special thanks to our Project Coordinator John Gardner, who puts a lot of effort into organizing this event - Well done John. 

Following is a Photo collage of the team's effort

                                              Around the Back alley during clean up  with some helpers 
                                                                          After clean up 
                                                        Members  and Volunteers  at work 
                                                                         A job well done 
                                                                     A world of Difference 
  This is how Rotary Connects with the Community - all we ask of  the Community is  to be vigilant and report anyone seen doing graffiti.
 We know that's a hard call but  but  there is a lesson to be learnt here  Lets all love our community and respect it