Posted by Glen Beauchamp on May 30, 2018
 The Rotary Club of Engadine  invites you to be inspired by Jeremy Scott at the Engadine Bowling Club 6:30 PM on Monday 25 June 2018, $25 per person includes a two course meal and drinks can be purchased at the bar. 
Jeremy is a highly entertaining and inspirational speaker who never fails to deliver. Through his own incredible experiences, Jeremy highlights what is possible in life with a positive mindset, a bit of determination and the courage to take that first step. 
Jeremy wasn’t only born with a huge hole in his heart, but with an insatiable craving for adventure. His desire to explore the world inspired a move to London. From here, he travelled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. 
Despite seeing so much of the world, he felt there was so much more to explore and on the 5th October 2011, he set off for what turned out to be a 2 1/2 year 51,916km solo bike ride around the globe. 
At the completion of that life changing journey, Jeremy wrote his first book “The Long Road From A Broken Heart”  which can be purchased for $65 at the dinner. 
To see more about Jeremy visit his website at

Call 02 9520 3264 to reserve your place.