Posted by Glen Beauchamp on May 01, 2018

Engadine Rotary to help with ongoing Malaria Eradication Program 

Malaria is still a major people killer in many parts of the World . Rotary Australian and Rotarians against Malaria has been successful in reducing its incidence in PNG, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste. But much more is required and is ongoing .
Engadine Rotary is now becoming involved with the worldwide thrust to eliminate Malaria as Rotary International has done with polio. 
But we need your help by donating to this cause .
If you want more information visit the Rotarians against Malaria (RAM) at or
Why not come and talk to us about our work at the Engadine Rotary Information booth at the Engadine Community Markets this Sunday 6th May 2018  We would Luuuvvv to see you there.
Let's Stop these Bugs from biting , Please help by donating to Rotarians against Malaria