Posted by GLEN BEAUCHAMP on Jul 23, 2019

Question - Is Rotary – Local or International? 

Just recently this author noticed a comment to a post on another Rotary Facebook page that somewhat disparagingly stated that Rotary only supported International projects and forgot about the local Community. That statement was far from the truth. To provide an answer to this, we need to explain what is Rotary and what does it do ?
To quote from our 2017-2018 Rotary International  President Ian Riseley :- “ Rotary is too large and complex to easily define. We are a member-based organization, a club-based organization, and a service-based organization; we are local, regional and international, we are community members, business people and professionals, working and retired, active in nearly every country in the world.
Every one of our 1.2 million members has a unique set of goals, experiences and priorities: every one of us has a unique understanding of Rotary.
To me, Rotary is defined not by who we are, but by what we do – by the potential that Rotary gives us, and the ways we realize that potential in meaningful and lasting service.
Rotary has been around for a long time: 112 years. In some ways we’ve changed tremendously, as we’ve grown, matured, and adapted to the changing needs of our members and communities. In our fundamentals, however we remain the same; an organization of people with the desire – and through Rotary, the ability- to make a difference in our communities, and the world".
We are” International” because we belong to the International Association of Rotary Clubs called Rotary International. It is this Association of Rotary Clubs that makes up the membership of Rotary International. Rotary is made up of three parts: Our clubs, Rotary International, and The Rotary Foundation. Together, they work to make lasting change in our communities and around the world “
It is true that local clubs have participated in and supported international projects such as
  • Polio eradication and malaria vaccine research and development
  • Safe water Saves lives – undertaking clean water projects to overcome water borne diseases
  • Contributing to the Shelterbox project providing emergency shelter and disaster relief in those countries impacted by natural disasters and wars. 
  • Education programs in third world countries.  To name but a few
But it is by combining individual club efforts that Rotary can make a major impact on the world stage.
Rotary International does not direct the efforts of individual clubs which can focus on local and /or International projects  as  they see fit. It is the Local Club Boards that determine where a Club's efforts are directed . 
Now to talk about Engadine Rotary, our local community not only covers our local suburbs but Sydney, State and country wide projects supporting some of the following in 2018-2019 -
  • Education
    • TAFE Awards recognising  outstanding Hospitality students.   
    •  National Science youth Forum - supporting budding science students.
    •  School Awards – recognising student school participation and achievements
    •  Films by the Sea – Supporting the teaching of Film and Film studies
    •  School Mates Supporting underprivileged students   
    • Young and Confident program in High schools
    • Indigenous reading project
  • Health programs
    • Melanoma Cancer research
    • Inner wheel Cord Blood Research
    • Malaria Vaccine Research
  • Community   
    • Drought relief   
    • Qld Flood appeal
    • Homeless Youth through Youth off the Streets Annual bike ride
    • Homicide Victims support
    • Annual Graffiti removal projects.
    • One Meal Sutherland Food services
    • Engadine District Youth Services
    • Contributing funds  towards a new Van for transporting a Disabled Child
  • International
    • The Rotary Foundation for General International projects
    • Shelterbox providing additional boxes for common pool to be used in disaster areas at call
    • Katoke Trust Kenya - John Hodge memorial scholarship for the education of a high school student
 The following chart illustrates how the funds raised by Engadine Rotary are allocated and spent across the 4 broad headings during 2018-2019 
 Engadine Rotary endeavours to provide a balance across all deserving charities that seek our assistance while at the same time adhering to Rotary’s general focus of
1 Promoting peace
2. Fighting Disease
3. Providing Clean Water
4. Saving Mothers and Children
5. Supporting Education
6. Growing Local Economies
In addition, but not included in the above, Engadine Rotary raised over $ 200,000 in the 2018-2019 from its annual Sydney to Surfers Bike Ride to support Father Chris Riley with " Youth Off the Streets".
This brought the total raised in the 20 years since the ride's inception to over $3.7 Million – So, you be the Judge.
Why not join Rotary and participate  to the meaningful contribution that we make to our local communities and internationally. You won't regret it .Why not be part of the action.

Visit our website at  to see what else  we do and for membership details.