Posted by glen Beauchamp on Oct 31, 2017
 Engadine Rotary would like to thank our Volunteers for their assistance on Graffiti Clean up Day  Sunday 29th October. 
You made our load much lighter. We are certain that without your help we might still be going on this year's Clean up.
It also showed how wonderful volunteers come to the front when helping on Community projects such as this. Please don't stop    
So let's see some of those community-minded people - Photos only no names
                                  The Challenge 
                          What a mess and we had to contend with the occasional interruption 
                         Dulux Paints was one of the major sponsors for Graffitti Day Statewide.  
    More photos over  
                                                                All Done and De Graffitti-ed 
                       Congratulations to our Project Leader John Gardner for  coordinating this event