Become a Friend

Welcome to the"Friends of Rotary" page  - A new membership Concept

* Maybe you have seen a need in our community and wondered how you could help?
*Maybe you want to use your professional skills to help others or even learn new skills
* Maybe you're seeking connections with other service–minded people  in our community or abroad
Have you thought about  volunteering?     
Then join a club that has been doing voluntary and humanitarian work for over 40 years!   
Consider being a “Friend of Rotary” with the Rotary Club of Engadine without formally joining.
The Rotary Club of Engadine is introducing a new concept for Rotary Membership for those community-minded people who perhaps have spare time on their hands or are time-strapped and aren’t able to actively attend or join as a full member.
 A “Friend of Rotary” would be invited to participate in the activities of the Club in the following way :- 
1. Attend meetings when they wished, particularly on special occasions.
2. Attend all social and official functions run by our club
3. Assist in Fundraising and Volunteer activities
How do I become a friend of Rotary?
If  you know a current member of the Rotary Club of Engadine, ask them to sponsor you by first downloading and completing the Friends Application form by clicking on the Application Form link below.
Then give the completed form to your Rotarian sponsor to return to the Club Secretary or Club Membership Chairman who will arrange a meeting to discuss membership with you .
If you don’t know a Rotarian to sponsor you, then download and complete the application form; then email or phone the Club Secretary to notify your intention to join and we will arrange to interview you and discuss membership. 
Try us,  we are very welcoming. You will enjoy the experience !
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