2017-2018 Awardees
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Engadine Rotary successfully completes its 2017-2018 Pride of Workmanship program.

On the 6th November, Engadine Rotary conducted its annual Pride of Workmanship awards night when it presented awards to eight Nominees who had been nominated by employers, managers and community minded people. This year's nominees were introduced by Vocational Service Director Terry Grainger and the awards presented by their respective Nominator.  


Recipients of the 2017 Pride of Workmanship awards from Left to Right - Trevor Trouson, Rotary President Les Simons, Isabelle Mullins, Tylar Contreras, Deborah Sharp, Zachary Stunnell,Tracey Miller, Kerry Bell,Sandra Zantides. Absent Mitchell Wetherill . 

   In order of presentation were :- 

    Tracey Miller 
Kerry Bell 


        Sandra Zantides


     Trevor Trouson 


 Trevor's award was presented by Damien Field – Principal - Heathcote Public School.  Trevor was recognised for his service as a crossing guard.
Damien also addressed the meeting and described how much a part of the school  Trevor is and how he exemplifies the caring spirit  the school espouses. 
 Damien Field also presented a poster with all of the Heathcote Public School  students and teacher’s signatures and a Stop sign on the reverse side!! 


     Deborah Sharp 


Deborah's award was presented by  Rotarian Patrick Wagner, who is also a Member of Engadine Rural Fire Service 

            Zachary Stunnell 



         Tylar Contreras 


      Tylar Contreras’ employer, at CAB Industries Clyton Blake,  proposed him for this award. He is an outstanding employee and shows dedication and keenness to this local business. CAB Industries are a steel fabrication and supplies business, operating from Burns Rd, Heathcote. 

        Isabelle Mullins 



Mitchell Wetherill 


Due to an earlier commitment, Mitchell Wetherill was unable to attend the Presentation Evening,His award was presented to him by his Manager, Jennifer Overall at a later time