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Welcome to the History of Engadine Rotary 

The Rotary Club of ENGADINE had its genesis at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Sutherland (as Engadine's Sponsoring Club) on the 31st January  1973. Sutherland  agreed then  to cede the area of the Engadine District from  Sutherland's territorial limits to allow for the formation of a club at Engadine. The task of forming the new club was given to Ed Brownscombe. Ed Brownscombe, as some readers will recall, owned the Brownscombe Menswear shop on the Old Princes Highway Engadine. A menswear shop traded under that name at the same location for a many years after Ed had retired. Sadly it had succumbed to the recent tough financial times and has since closed 
Ed Brownscombe was a long time member and a Past President of the Rotary Club of Sutherland. He was also the RI District 275 District Special Representative responsible for the creation of the Engadine club.
At Engadine Rotary's Charter night on the 23rd May 1973 He reported that " Over the past  ten years, Rotary International has raised the question almost  annually of the possibility of forming a Rotary Club in Engadine, and on each occasion Our Club replied after carrying out a survey that Engadine was not ready for Rotary, because we  felt that it had little in the way of industry, and in any case it was well served other service Clubs. I must confess that I was one that held this view.


On the 29th December 1972, a further Extension Survey was carried out by District Extension ChairmanPast District Governor Frank MainPast President John Adlard and  Past President Paul O' Keeffe. Their findings were that whilst the area which includes Engadine, Heathcote, Menai, Waterfall and the Lucas Heights Establishment  was mainly residential and commercial , it is an expanding area with over  eighty possible classifications, and they were of the opinion that a strong balanced club could be formed. It was also suggested that as  the  bulk of the membership for a start should come from Engadine, that the Club should be called Engadine.

My own CIub, at its regular meeting on the 31st January 1973, agreed to the revision of  its territorial limits to allow for the formation of a club at Engadine .District Governor Steve Turtle, on the basis of this report, and on the Sutherland's decision to cede the territory, then decided that organisation work should be undertaken immediately, and I was appointed as his special representative.

The Organisational meeting of the new Club was held on Monday, 12th March 1973, with 26 Charter applicants in attendance, twenty four of whom have their place of business  situated with the club territory, and two are residentially qualified. Only one has previously been a member of a Rotary Club.

On the 19th April 1973, the Provisional Rotary Club of Engadine was admitted as a member  club of Rotary International, and has meet regularly each week since that time."

The Rotary Club of Engadine was admitted to Rotary International on the 19th April 1973 and received its chartered on the 25th May 1973. As seen below the club's charter was presented by then District Governor Steve Turtle to Foundation President John Rowlands at the Charter Dinner, held at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission 


Since its formation, Engadine Rotary has continued to grow in both strength and stature, even in often difficult times but has steadfastly adhered to Rotary's moto oF "Service before Self". It has followed Rotary's 4 Test in all its humanitarian endeavours which follows," Of the things we say and do   
1.  Is It the Truth . 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS 4.Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned "
For more information about Rotary's Guiding Principles, control + Click on the below link
Engadine Rotary's official area covers the following townships and suburbs, Bundeena, South Loftus , Yarrawarra , Woronora Heights, Engadine , Heathcote, Lucas Heights, Barden Ridge, Waterfall, Helensburgh and Stanwell Park. See more about the area in the side panels.