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What is RAWCS (Rotary Autralia World Community Service)

Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS) is a public company limited by guarantee (ACN 003 444 264), and bound by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. 

RAWCS is an organisation set up and administered by Rotarians in Australia to support Australian Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in assisting disadvantaged communities with humanitarian aid projects.
It is a limited liability company  because of the requirements imposed on it through tax deductiblity of donations and the need for donations to and expenditure from the funds to be clearly identified against a specified project conducted in countries declared as a ‘developing country' by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
RAWCS oversights and manages three separate funds associated with Rotary’s humanitarian programs viz.
  • Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund
  • the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society, and
  • the Developed Countries Disaster Relief Fund;
RAWCS has 4 principal committees Viz 
        (i) Promotion and Development Committee;
       (ii) Donations in Kind Committee;
       (iii) Rotarians Against Malaria 
       (iv) Projects 
Its governing body is a Council which consists of all the Australian Rotary District Governors of the day. The Council holds its Annual General Meeting at the time of the Rotary Zone Institute, when the election of the National Board including the National Chair and Deputy Chair takes place.

Its operational activities are controlled through regional committees, comprising representatives of each District in that region. The Chair of each regional committee is also ex-officio a Director on the National Board.

Each District has a District Chair to oversee the activities of the Districts, reporting to the District Governor and the Regional Committee.

In  Australia there are 5 regions  Central,Eastern ,Northern, Southern and Western (See areas of the Regions at www.rawcs.org.au/regions/

The Objects stated in the Memorandum of Association RAWCS have been established:
(a) To encourage and assist Rotarians, the Corporate and the Private sectors to assist Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in providing assistance to disadvantaged communities with humanitarian aid projects;
(b) To co-ordinate the humanitarian aid activities of Rotary Clubs and Districts where this is considered necessary;
(c) To seek and select suitable humanitarian aid projects and to seek the active co-operation of Rotary Clubs and Districts in their execution;
(d) To encourage proper professional administration and reporting of humanitarian aid projects undertaken by Rotary Clubs and Districts;
(e) To act for Rotary Clubs and Districts in dealing with Governments, national insurance underwriters, corporate affairs commissioners and other bodies and/or departments, concerning requests for overseas assistance and all matters consistent with the objects of RAWCS;
(f) To otherwise provide humanitarian assistance and relief to communities in need, both in and outside Australia;
(g) To provide assistance to victims of natural disasters, both in and outside Australia;
(h) To promote co-operation between Rotary Clubs, Districts, Regions and The Rotary Foundation as appropriate; and
(i) To promote the use of The Rotary Foundation and government assistance to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian aid projects.

To see more about the projects undertaken by Australian Rotarians through RAWCS visit their Facebook at