Graffiti Removal Day
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     Graffiti Removal Day - 

   Sunday 28th March 2021 





This local Rotary driven project is an initiative of the NSW Government’s Dept. of Justice aimed at creating a greater awareness of grafitti vandalism. It encourages local communities throughout NSW to get involved in the removal and prevention of graffiti.

To Rotary clubs, it offers a lot more eg:

  • Getting involved with a fun, yet different, activity
  • Only needing volunteers  – men or women depending the extent of work to be undertaken  
  • Providing an opportunity for our club to be involved with the local communities and volunteers 
  • Working on a common cause with other volunteers 
  • Involving no costs as all the required materials such as paint, brushes etc are provided by sponsors – the major one being Dulux. Even murals and green screening can be undertaken.
As a rule  graffiti is illegal and  detrimental to the aesthetics of any local community. We need to have more pride in our community -Don't let grafitti foul it up and get out of hand. 
Over the past few years the Rotary Club of Engadine has taken up the challenge and has removed graffiti from effected areas as they arise. In some years depending on prior commitments and the areas to be cleaned, we may not undertake the removal in accordance with the prescribed day or require large numbers of volunteers.
However, should you wish to join us each year, contact  John Gardner on 0408 646 056 to register your intention and arrange your participation. In addition, you can also advise John about any sites that require graffiti removal.   


Why not take up the challenge 

Put it in your Diary 


Keep rolling down to see previous year's results


2017 Tramway Museum Loftus.


2016 Results 

 Heathcote Factories.

Loftus Girl Guides Hall 

 Line Concentrator at Loftus - Telstra will be pleased
Well Done - A great job Ladie
Old Bush Road Oval 
 Good on you John Gardener and your team of Rotarians , Volunteers and Girl Guides   Let's hope there will be less next year