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What’s a shelter box you say – Well this is another Rotary initiative

ShelterBox was founded in 2000 in the small town of Helston in Cornwall, UK. That same year the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard adopted it as its millennium project. Little did they know that it would become a Rotary project partner, with an ever-growing number of international affiliates. Starting as the brainchild of one Rotarian with the support of his Rotary club in year 2000 in UK – ShelterBox has grown to become the largest Rotary Club project in the 100 year history of the organisation. 

What’s a shelter box look like ? 

Contained within the Large Green Box are items considered essential for immediate aid in the case of Flooding, Tsunami, Earthquakes or any disaster areas requiring shelter and facilities to sustain displaced people.
When empty the green container can be used to collect and store short term drinking water.  Each shelter box contains a tent as shown
ShelterBox helps displaced families all over the world. It is operated by volunteers both in Australia and worldwide and have rapid response teams ready to fly to where relief is needed be it in freezing cold environments, intensely hot regions, on coastlines and in high, mountainous areas. They help to rebuild communities in need wherever they can . Home based volunteers fulfil the logistics of warehousing and transportation roles.  
Packed and ready to go upstream to the impacted area 
Boxes deployed in Kenya result from drought ravaged countries in the Horn of Africa  

Getting them there whatever which way 


Click for more details about Shelter Box  

As shelter boxes currently cost Aud$1000 each, supporting ShelterBox in a large way will quickly drain  small clubs of their available funds and so any help by way of public donations is gratefully accepted –to make a donation click the shelterbox  link above then go to the Donation panel on the Home page 
 When donations are made for a box, that box  is assigned a unique number and assigned to places of current greatest need.  
Since its inception Engadine Rotary has attempted to support the call for many of the world’s disasters when funds permitted. It has donated to a number of World disasters as follows :
              2008 Box 4321 - Aguk Sudan
              2009 Box 5739 - Java 
              2013 Typhoon Haiyan - Donation directed to emergency fund - no boxes issued.                                                       
              2015 Box 13260  - Iran -Kurdistan
              2016 Box 15035 - Still to be deployed            
While ever this need continues, the Rotary Club Of Engadine will continue to support this humanitarian  project.