Young and Confident
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Engadine Rotary promotes and subsidises the Young and Confident program in our local high schools.

This program is designed to improve the psychological wellbeing of our high school students.

Engadine Rotary Cares
The Rotary Club of Engadine is helping schools get on the front foot with mental health and student wellbeing using powerful insights from a psychology of strengths.
This powerful program is designed to target students in Year 7 or Year 10, critical times in an adolescent’s development.
The Best Me Program, for Year 7
Starting High School can be daunting. That’s why The Best Me program focuses on building confidence and resilience from a strengths platform. Using the world-recognised VIA Character Strengths, the Y&C team shift the focus from what’s wrong to what is right with them.
MyStrengths Program, for Year 10:
Most teens know what is wrong with them. But few could describe their natural strengths. Yet every single one of us have unique personality and incredible qualities.
MyStrengths takes students through an accurate assessment, equips them with a personalised “strengths pack”, delivered by a team of consultants who give powerful insight into how these strengths can bring success in their future.
“Many schools, parents and communities are unaware of the mental health crisis that is facing adolescents today. And most parents, teachers and adults try to convince them that they are seeing themselves all wrong! Most teenagers focus on what is wrong with them. So, when a teenager takes a professional psychological “strengths assessment” and are told what their Top 5 strengths are, suddenly they are viewing themselves through different eyes. They hear and actually believe that “I have some good qualities”. That’s what the Y&C team are passionate about: helping adolescents learn what is RIGHT with them. 
This is where the Young and Confident program changes a teenager’s perspective of themselves and focuses on their strengths.
It is hugely affirming, improves mental health and encourages students to celebrate their differences.

If you would like to know more about the program speak to your local high school, Young & Confident or the Rotary Club of Engadine.