For number of years the Wormleaton Family of Engadine had been doing it tough with the transporting of their son Thomas to and from home to school and other events.  Thomas is wheelchair bound and had to be carried from his wheelchair into a rear car seat.
This had become a hard job for Thomas’s mum Belinda especially as Thomas has grown in recent years. He is now 9 years old. Thomas was also unhappy at his inability to enter the family vehicle by himself.
  So, the Wormleaton family appealed to Engadine Rotary and the Sutherland Lioness club to help fund a family vehicle that would allow Thomas to enter and be seated by himself.
Engadine Rotary and Sutherland Lionesses undertook fundraising that enabled the Wormleaton family to purchase a vehicle. An application was then made to the NDIS to fund modifications that allowed Thomas to run his wheelchair into the rear hatch door of the family’s new Kia Carnival
 Ever grateful to the respective service clubs for their generosity and to Rotary’s Gary Richards for his persistence in providing support for the purchase of the vehicle, the Wormleaton family had driven their new vehicle to show Rotary members at one of the club’s regular meetings. We were delighted to see that Thomas was now comfortable and very able to manoeuvre his wheelchair into this new adapted vehicle. The family thanked our club for all its efforts in raising funds and helping them in their long path to obtaining a vehicle and getting it customized for Thomas’ needs.
                                               Thomas lining up his chair to go up the Ramps into the van 
                                                         Rotary members watch over the smooth placement in the back of the van, 
                                              well satisfied that their donation has done a great job.  
                                        Thomas in his wheelchair placed in the back of the new van-smiling how sweet it is .